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We returned to camp Sid Richardson this year for summer camp. 
Our summer camps are about having fun, earning merit badges and rank advancement.  We had about 50 Scouts attend and we earned about 160 merit badges and awards.  Additionally, there were 22 rank advancements during summer camp (3 Scouts earned the Scout rank, 4 Tenderfoot, 5 Second Class and another 5 First Class, 1 Scout earned Star and last but certainly not least 4 Scouts earned Life).
We also had a lot of dads that worked their tails off, so hats off to them.
On the second day of summer camp our troop was granted troop swim, where the troop got to free swim for about an hour. We played jackpot in the shallow end and sneakers in the deep end. There were about 15 of us in the pool, so it was fun.
Cell phones are not allowed at summer camp so we use the 642 Weather Rock to keep up with weather.  The Original weather rock was handled by the all-powerful Dr. Krell.  After the flood at El Rancho Cima, the original weather rock was left there so people would always know the weather there.  So now, Mr. Krell (Dr. Krell’s son and an Eagle Scout from 642) wields the Weather Rock 2.0.  With its power, it will tell you the weather at any time of the day! So, you don’t have to have Wi-Fi to know what the weather is!  Mr. Krell predicted that the sun was shining for the day and, the prediction was SPOT ON! So its 100% legit!
Have you ever wanted to shoot somebody off a giant air pillow?   If so, then the blob, at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch is where your mind should be!

What happens is you get somebody that weighs less than you and they jump on the blob.  Then they scoot to the end of the blob and when they least expect it you pounce on the blob and they go flying!

Then it repeats! Honestly, I would rate the fun meter on this 10 out of 10.

Overall it was a great and safe Summer Camp.  We can’t wait until next year.
Jack B. and Cam S.
<![CDATA[March 2018]]>Sun, 24 Jun 2018 22:38:42 GMThttp://troop642.org/scout-blog-archive/march-2018On the last weekend of March, the troop went to Wimberley to camp and advance in rank.
We had lots of fun on the hikes training for Philmont and Durango high adventure camps. The hikes were around seven miles for the Durango Scouts and thirteen for the Philmont crew.
The cooking was also fantastic with Dr. Krell saying he had the best pork tenderloin ever.
Bryce, Evan, and Park were some of the cooks with great food from all.
Is it raining, sunny or cloudy? Maybe even a flood or tornado! It can all be told with Dr. Krell’s Weather Rock!  Dr. Krell pulled out the Weather Rock and Mr. Cain was able to tell that it was a sunny day because it rock was hot.
Wimberley is always fun and I’m already counting down the days until we go back next year.

​JLB and CES
<![CDATA[Summer Camp 2017]]>Fri, 25 May 2018 21:09:10 GMThttp://troop642.org/scout-blog-archive/summer-camp-2017Summer camp was amazing!

We stayed at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch (SR2) for one week. During that week scouts participated in merit badges that were required by the troop as well as merit badges that interested them.

1st year scouts took Pioneering, Swimming, and Basketry merit badges.  All three are required by the troop so they did not get to choose their merit badges, but they had a lot of extra time to explore camp, go to the trading post, sleep, or mess around with friends.  

2nd year scouts took Life Saving, Kayaking or Canoeing merit badges and two other merit badges of their choice. Some of those choices were Fishing, Archery, Woodcarving, and many more.

3rd year scouts took Orienteering, Camping, and two merit badges of their choice, like Horsemanship and Rifle Shooting.  During the Orienteering merit badge, scouts participated in an orienteering race where Charlie O. and Jackson M. got 1st place, winning the golden compass.  Scouts also had the choice during free time to participate in extra merit badges.  

4th year scouts are “Dudes” and spent the days on the lake Sailing, Skiing, Motor boating, and Standup Paddleboarding.

After dinner on two days scouts got to participate in blobbing and the troop free swim.  Scouts also got hats, cups, and whatever they wanted branded with the SR2 logo.

I personally think that the food was pretty good and the staff were very enthusiastic.  I can’t wait till we go next year to experience it again. ~~~RES~~~
<![CDATA[April Blog]]>Sat, 24 Jun 2017 23:30:16 GMThttp://troop642.org/scout-blog-archive/april-blogSorry I haven't posted recently. I was all tied up in my knot ropes and was cleaning my Dutch Oven collection. Here are the blogs for our February campout and our April campout.

​The April campout was very fun. We showed our colors as the "Rainmakers" and stayed the whole campout even though it rained. We made wash stations with lashings, cooked awesome meals and had a Bon-Fire. At the Bon-Fire we had a fun time presenting skits including "My Important Papers", "The Golden Toilet" and many more. I worked with some of our new scouts, teaching them how to clean Dutch Ovens and they helped our cook prepare our meal. The wildflowers were in bloom at this ranch so we were surrounded by natures beauty.

​At the February campout we enjoyed Shipley's donuts and played laser tag. The laser tag field was set up after dinner and we split into teams. We also had a free for all where James S. won overall. As always we cooked awesome meals and as an extra we had a few knot tying contest. It was my most favorite campout so far.

​Ethan S.

<![CDATA[March 2017]]>Mon, 08 May 2017 00:53:45 GMThttp://troop642.org/scout-blog-archive/march-2017On February 5th 2017, Troop 642 attended Sunday worship at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church.  We attended, Scout Sunday, as a Troop to show our appreciation to MDPC for sponsoring our troop for more than 50 years.  Over those years, 560 Scouts from Troop 642 have achieved the rank of Eagle, an accomplishment that would not have been possible without the support of MDPC.   

During the service, 13 Scouts were recognized for earning the rank of Eagle during 2016: Alec Abrams, Ethan Bains, Carson Barker, Harris Cooley, Andrew Dawson, Varun Dixit, Matthew Garvin, Zachary Harkins, Alec Norman, Abhiraj Sinha, Turner Snelling, Caleb Touchstone and Thomas Vassar.

Nick Latiolais was recognized for receiving the Lifesaving Honor Medal award for applying the First Aid skills he learned in Scouting and saving a life.

Bobby Herrera, Blaze Hoskins, Jackson McCown, Kyle Moore, Ethan Schmidt and Baker Wardell were recognized for receiving the God & Church award. 

Keagan Firenza, Michael Goolsby, Bryce Keith, Alex Lamprecht and David Mavergeorge, were recognized for receiving the God & Life award. 

Both of these classes were lead by Mr. John Beall and Mr. Jim Goolsby. 

The service was very good and the musical worship was great.  Ethan S.
<![CDATA[December 2016 Blog]]>Mon, 06 Feb 2017 04:58:05 GMThttp://troop642.org/scout-blog-archive/december-2016-blogFive Scouts were awarded the rank of Eagle Scout at a Court of Honor ceremony held December 7, 2016 at Boy Scout Troop 642 sponsored by Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. The new Eagle Scouts from Memorial High School are junior Varun Dixit, junior Abhiraj Sinha, senior Matthew Garvin, senior Alec Abrams and Stratford High School senior Andrew Dawson.

All members of Troop 642 are proud these young men and the achievement that they have earned.  Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  The requirements necessary to achieve this rank take years to fulfill. 

Varun Dixit earned 24 merit badges and served in the following leadership positions:  Librarian, Webmaster, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader and Troop Guide.  For his Eagle Project, Varun created four dog waste stations for the Houston SPCA.  The Houston SPCA is a nonprofit organization that is Houston’s first and largest animal protection organization and shelter.  Varun designed and built four stations that included a wooden trashcan holder, a bag dispenser, and a sign.  These stations were installed along a path that the SPCA uses to walk their dogs.  Varun is the first in his family to become an Eagle Scout. 

Abhiraj Sinha attended 5 summer camps and held the following leadership positions:  Quartermaster, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader and Troop Guide.  Outside of Scouts, Abhiraj is a volunteer at Memorial Herman and he has achieved the presidential award for volunteering from Memorial Mustang Outreach Bunch.  For his Eagle Project, Abhiraj refurbished two garden beds and planted twelve roses in them, repainted 65 parking spots, and built an oak picnic table at the Hindu Worship Society of Houston.  Abhiraj is the first in his family to become an Eagle Scout.   

Matthew Garvin earned a total of 28 merit badges and served in the following leadership positions:  Librarian, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader and Troop Guide.  For his Eagle Project, Matthew constructed and stained fourteen 48x48 in. frames and two 5 ft. long benches for American Legion Post 521.  The frames hold the pictures and names of the Texas veterans who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The families of these fallen soldiers now have a place to grieve and pay their respects.  Matthew is the second in his family to become an Eagle Scout.

Andrew Dawson earned 23 merit badges and served in the following leadership positions:  Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Chaplain’s Aide, Quartermaster and Troop Guide.  For his Eagle Project, Andrew constructed a pigeon coop for the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary.  He designed, constructed and installed an 8x4 ft. pigeon coop with a separate aviary extending an additional three feet.  His project allows the Sanctuary to receive and maintain pigeons to show the children who both visit and participate in year-round programs and gives visitors an opportunity to view the birds close up.  Andrew is the first in his family to become an Eagle Scout.

Alec Abrams earned 22 merit badges and served in the following leadership positions:  Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, and Troop Guide.  Alec’s Eagle Project took place at a home owned by VitaLiving, a company with several group homes for special needs adult residents in Houston.  The project entailed the removal of an old and run down fence and construction of a new one in the backyard of the beneficiary’s house.  Alec also built and mulched a raised flower bed, and planted a mulched and edged azalea bed.  Alec plans to remain an active member of Troop 642.
<![CDATA[November 2016 Blog]]>Mon, 30 Jan 2017 00:09:06 GMThttp://troop642.org/scout-blog-archive/november-2016-blogOn the weekend of November 19, Troop 642 went to the Tauber ranch for the annual feast campout. At this campout Scouts cooked a thanksgiving meal such as honey glazed ham, beef tenderloin, trash can turkey, stuffed jalapenos, fresh cooked breads, veggies, deserts and more. All meals were cooked with coals or an open fire. After dinner we had a bonfire and hot coco. The weather was beautiful but it dropped below freezing at night so you had to get your fire going early. I look forward to the 2017 feast campout to do it all over again. РEthan S.